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Foundation Crack Repair in Staten Island

Time-tested dependable specialists that offer the repair of foundation cracks in Staten Island will put a stop to the problem before it worsens.

Fixing Your Foundation the Right Way

Cracks in your home's foundation are typically caused by water leaks. The cracks often appear as vertical lines from a window to the floor. At B Altman's Waterproofing, we fix foundation cracks with a liquid epoxy injection that both seals and repairs.
Sometimes, horizontal cracks can occur in the seam where the wall and floor meet over the house "footing." We can fix those, too! With our successful crack-filling process, you'll always get superior results. Contact us today for additional details or to schedule your next service.

Understand the Benefits of Our Crack Repair Techniques

One of the most common ways of dealing with foundation cracks is to create a trench drain. It's a messy, dusty process and doesn't even stop leaks from coming in. This isn't good enough for us at B Altman's Waterproofing - we use a superior method.

We don't use jackhammers, and we don't need to rip up your entire basement. Our liquid epoxy injections ensure that your leaks stop and your home is protected properly. It is a much less invasive method and is less time-consuming! We not only stop the leaks but we also fix the foundation.

Noticing a crack in the foundation of your home can be unsettling. Call us today for all your foundation crack repair Staten Island needs.

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The first line of defense against foundation cracks Staten island is damp proofing. Do not underestimate the severity of foundation cracks Staten Island. Call us first for waterproofing basement walls from inside on Staten Island. Our team of basement waterproofs can help you.

We are thrilled to offer basement crack repair Staten Island!

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Foundation Cracks Repair Staten Island Do not underestimate the severity of foundation cracks Staten Island. Once a crack begins to form, it only continues to grow until the problem is unavoidable.
If you are looking for the professional contractor for your basement leak repair and waterproofing basement walls from inside solutions, you are coming to the right place! We are a family owned company at Staten Island since 1992. We always behind our work to make you 100% satisfied. Call us for asking the basement waterproofing cost, we work with your budgets!