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The Most Common Foundation Cracks on Staten Island

Noticing a crack in the foundation of your home can be unsettling. As a homeowner, it’s easy to start panicking and wondering what this means for your home. Thankfully, cracks do not necessarily mean disaster, and many are relatively easy to fix. To start, below, we will go over the different types of foundation cracks commonly found in homes.

Diagonal Cracks: While these cracks are not dangerous, they are a sign of differential settlement, leading to structural problems.

Basement Floor Cracks: These types of cracks are extremely common. The reason to get them fixed is purely cosmetic. They are easy to fill with some hydraulic cement or caulk.

Vertical Foundation Cracks: Like diagonal cracks, vertical cracks are not dangerous. Most occur due to concrete tension in new homes or rain exerting pressure on the foundation. To seal these types of cracks up, we use polyurethane injection or water-resistant epoxy.

Stair-Step Cracks: These are the most dangerous type of cracks and are caused by differential settlement. If you notice stair-step cracks in your home, do not wait. Call us so we can fix the solution and make your home safe for everyone.

Horizontal Cracks: These cracks are never a good sign as they indicate structural problems with the home. There are many different causes for horizontal cracks in a home. Some of the most common are frost heave, excessive backfilling, ground force straining the basement, and an impact from heavy equipment. Whatever the cause, you’ll want to call us to come and assess the damage and work with you on a solution.

Foundation Crack Repair Staten Island

For all your foundation crack repair Staten Island needs, We have over 29 years of foundation repair experience on Staten Island. If you need to fix a cracked foundation call us today!

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Foundation cracks leads to excess water in a home, which creates mold and other issues. Call us today for all your foundation crack repair in Staten Island needs.

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