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When Should You Worry About Foundation Cracks?

Foundation cracks in a home are an inevitability with enough time. This is why you can often find at least small cracks somewhere in the foundation in older homes. However, it is crucial to recognize that foundation cracks are a general term and that there are many different types of cracks a homeowner can experience. The differences in foundation cracks are dependent upon the shape, size, and angle of the crack. Although cracks are relatively common in older homes, they can often begin to form within one year of new construction. Cracks can be most commonly found in the corners of walls and near windows. The leading cause of foundation cracks is a result of the foundation of the home settling, and in many cases, these cracks are no cause for concern. Instead, you should keep an eye on things and notice if they become more extensive or begin to allow water to seep into your home. If cracks meet any of those two standards, it’s essential to reach out for foundation repair Staten Island.

How do you know if your foundation crack is dangerous or normal?

Minor cracks in your windows and corners are relatively normal if they do not let in water or grow in size. With that said, you should reach out for professional help if you feel worried. To help monitor the size of a crack, you can use a pencil to mark the size and date. Continue to check back within a specific time. And notice if the damage is more extensive than the line you made.

When comparing vertical and horizontal cracks, horizontal cracks are more dangerous and warrant more of your attention. Horn horizontal cracks are often caused by water pressure from outside the walls, leading to failure in the foundation. This often leads to water in a basement or wherever the cracks are.

There are inevitable foundation cracks that you should monitor and other foundation cracks that should cause you to reach out for immediate help. If you have trouble determining between the two, you should play it safe and reach out for professional use. Only then can you get an accurate assessment of the damage.

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Basement Waterproofing Staten IslandThe first line of defense against foundation cracks Staten island is damp proofing. This waterproofing method is applied to a home while it is being built.

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