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Knowing How to Spot Water Damage

Water damage is a common issue that many homeowners deal with every year. The problem with water damage is that it’s not always easy to spot until it’s too late. Often, there are hidden signs that homeowners will not notice. Below, we’ll go over the signs to look for so you’ll be aware of any potential water damage.

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Cracks in the basement or a leaky pipe behind a wall are two common reasons for water damage. Waterproofing your basement helps to prevent damage from occurring. Contact a waterproofing contractor Staten Island today.

Discoloration, mold, puddles, and drips are all visible signs of water damage. But what about the hidden signs? Warping in walls or floors is a sign of water damage. Often homeowners do not recognize warping in their home until it gets bad. A damp, musty odor is a sign that usually occurs before physical damage happens. Do not ignore damp smells in your house.

The basement is the first place to look for signs of water damage as it is the most vulnerable to water from the outside. On the upper levels of your home, check the areas where the walls meet the ceilings and floors. Check to see if they are straight or bending.

Sometimes, knowing these tips won’t be enough to determine if you have water damage. If you’re unsure, call a professional to inspect your home.

If you are dealing with water damage, call in a professional for repairs. We specialize in basement wall repair and other forms of water damage.


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