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What is the Worst Home Foundation Crack on Staten Island

Not all home foundation cracks are created equally, and as a result, some cracks are more concerning than others. Some cracks can be purely aesthetic, whereas others could mean serious issues for your structure. Regardless of what is causing the issue, it would help if you had a professional identify the severity of the crack. From there, we can customize a plan to best deal with the issue. It is all too often that people ignore the problem only to find that the consequences are worse than they had to be.

If you notice foundation cracks in your home on Staten Island, you should not treat it as a DIY project. The money you think you are saving fixing it alone often comes back to haunt people. Foundation cracks are often tricky to fix and require more than just caulking.

The worst foundation cracks Staten Island homeowners experience are horizontal cracks. If you notice these cracks in a basement or crawlspace, you should consider yourself in a dangerous area. This type of crack is often a sign of foundation walls giving way. When the soil outside a home becomes saturated with water, it is pushed against the foundation of your home. This type of pressure is referred to as hydrostatic pressure, and it is a serious issue threatening your home’s stability.

Foundation Cracks Staten Island

Considering the intricacy of foundation cracks, all cracks should be initially seen as harmful. Do not underestimate the severity of foundation cracks Staten Island. Once a crack begins to form, it only continues to grow until the problem is unavoidable.

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