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Why is My Home’s Foundation Important?

Your home’s foundation is essential to the integrity of your home. The foundation supports the structure of your home and all of its contents. It’s so important to ensure your foundation is well kept with regular maintenance and inspections. If you notice any damage to your home’s foundation, rectify the issue immediately. We provide the best foundation repair Staten Island offers.
So why is the foundation so important?

  • Prevents your home from moving – You may not realize it, but the ground is not stable. It is constantly moving and shiting. From the terrain settling to extreme weather, there are many reasons the ground will shift. Your home’s foundation ensures your home stays in one place.
  • Supports your home’s structure – The weight in your home is constantly changing. Between furniture and family members moving around, it’s crucial that your foundation can withstand all kinds of weight.
  • Protects you from outside elements – There is always moisture underground, and your home’s foundation helps prevent this water from causing damage. Water in the home can create big problems, from mold to metal rusting to wood warping. This is why basement waterproofing in Staten Island protects the foundation as well as the inside of the home.

Even if you do not see signs of damage, it’s a good idea to have a foundation inspection performed yearly. An inspector will be able to identify any of the following issues:

  • Leaks or microcracks
  • Signs of shifting
  • Evidence of flooding
  • If there is landscaping close to the foundation

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Foundation Cracks Staten IslandThere are many reasons why foundation cracks in Staten Island, so getting to the bottom of the problem is the first step in rectifying the situation.

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