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The Top Two Reasons to Remove Water and Humidity from a Basement on Staten Island

People have different visions of what their basement should be, from storage and laundry rooms to rec rooms and man caves. Although most people have a different vision of what their basement should look like, most people have the same idea that a basement should be dry, comfortable, and without a mildew odor. It is easy to pour money into aesthetic and practical fixes that people will see and utilize daily as a homeowner. For instance, a bathroom renovation has people asking their friends to come to see the new work. If not, they might at least post the new bathroom with pride on social media. It is rare to find the same thing happening for basement waterproofing Staten Island. So, why should you spend the money?

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For starters, if you have wood in your basement, whether walls (interior or exterior), support columns, ceilings, and floors, tests and especially termites become a problem as moisture begins to build. Dark, cool, and wet places are often breeding grounds for pests and bugs. In basements, homeowners often encounter termite problems directly brought on by moisture. Please keep in mind that humidity and moisture levels need to be consistent and always present for this to be a problem. If there is a single issue, maybe with a backed-up toilet, adequately cleaning the mess and drying everything is often sufficient to prevent pests and termites.

Some of the most expensive and most important items in a home are a water heater and furnace. If those two things break, living in the home could be nearly impossible: at a minimum, an inconvenience. Excessive water is known to cause rust on heaters and furnaces. Once rust takes hold, there is little a person can do other than watch it spread and slowly wear down and break the machine. Just as it's not fun to pay for basement waterproofing on Staten Island, replacing water heaters and furnaces is not fun either. If you take care of the water, a lot of the other expensive problems won't ever have the chance to become problems.

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