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What are the Top Causes of Basement Water

New homeowners quickly learn that so much can go wrong very quickly. From small problems to large, it always seems that homeowners have something to complete, clear, or fix. One of the scariest problems for those that own basements are a wet and moist space. Water breeds mold, mildew, and bacteria while also creating a very unpleasant odor. Excessive water in a basement will stain walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture. Worst of all, standing water is a breeding ground for pests. If you notice water in your basement, you should reach out for the best basement waterproofing Staten Island has to offer.

There are many reasons why water makes its way into your space, which means that all problems require a custom solution. There are several common ways in which water makes its way into a basement, and these include:

Leaking Plumbing Pipes: when you first notice water, you should first do your due diligence and make sure there is no leak. Check sinks, toilets, pipes, and other appliances. If there is no water leaking from these areas, you should look for basement waterproofing Staten Island.

Ineffective Grading: one of the biggest causes of basement water is groundwater and rain. The ground around a home should slope away from the foundation (not toward it). When water drains in the wrong direction, water begins to accumulate against foundations. Eventually, it makes its way inside your home.

Foundation Cracks Staten Island

Foundation Cracks: foundations are meant to prevent outside elements from coming in, so a crack allows water to work its way through the tight space. When enough pressure builds from outside water, it can even create cracks. Foundation cracks get worse with time. Moving water is highly corrosive, which means that the crack gets big as more water passes through it.

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