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What Causes Mold in Staten Island Basements?

Mold is known to grow anywhere that oxygen, organic materials, and moisture are present. Mold mainly thrives and is happy when it can find a humid and damp area within a home. When a basement is prone to excessive water and flooding, mold is often found in that space. Pets should not live in a space with mold, so immediate remediation must occur once found. Foundation crack repair often allows water to stop coming into a basement, which drastically reduces the amount of mold.

What is the leading cause of mold in a basement?

The leading cause of mold is moisture in the basement, especially from condensation from appliances or leaky foundations. The first step to combat the growth and spread is to keep your basement free of moisture. Do not sit by and allow a damp and human environment to create unhealthy mold.

If the problem is excessive, you want to reach out for the best Foundation crack repair Staten Island offers. Foundation cracks are one of the leading causes of water entering a home from the outside. These cracks are like pipelines filling a basement with water, whether excessive rain or groundwater.

If your home's foundation is structurally sound and you cannot find any cracks, you should incorporate dehumidifiers in your space. They should be able to run 24/7, which means you may need a system that allows itself to empty its tray.

When you find water, clean it up as soon as possible. This means drying off walls or using a shop vac to clean up pools of water. Mold does not grow the second it encounters water. Mold will grow when it is left with water for extended periods. The quicker you act, the less likely you are to see mold

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