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When is the Right Time for Basement Waterproofing Staten Island

Making an investment into basement waterproofing on Staten Island is not exactly inexpensive. As a result of waterproofing costs, people often find themselves asking if the treatment is right for their property.

Before moving forward, it is important to acknowledge that the number one enemy to the structural integrity of a home, besides fire, is water. The main difference between fire and water is that no home can escape getting wet. Dampness and wetness experienced in a basement are often signs of a more significant problem. Consistent wetness in your basement requires swift and effective action.

Besides puddles on the floor and high humidity levels, there are some other indicators you can use to determine if basement waterproofing Staten Island is right for your home.

Do you notice:

Bad Odors – you may have heard of the expression “basement smell,” but that does not mean that all basements should smell bad. Water creates an unpleasant smell that is difficult to mask with candles and sprays. If your basement smells, and you do not know why you should consider looking into basement waterproofing Staten Island. Just because you cannot see water does not mean that it is not doing serious damage to your home.

Water Stains – if you notice stains on floors, walls, or ceilings, it means that water is coming in from somewhere. All stains slowly appear, and when you do nothing, the problem only gets worse. A wet spot on a wall is a strong indicator that mold and rot are occurring behind the walls.

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Foundation Cracks Staten IslandThere are many reasons why foundation cracks in Staten Island, so getting to the bottom of the problem is the first step in rectifying the situation.

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