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The Real Harm of a Wet Basement

At a glance, people get turned off from home repairs because of the cost. People see the price, and then they begin to think that the cost of repair or upgrades is not worth the effort. For specific home improvements, that is that case, like a remodeled bathroom or kitchen, but other work is well worth the cost.

Keeping a basement dry does more than just make it habitable; it also prevents health and structural hazards from forming.

There are many things that grow in damp, cool, and dark areas, none of which are welcome additions to a home. Mold and mildew grow under these conditions, which creates terrible smells, allergy problems, and issues with breathing? Who wants to live or entertain in an area like that? These types of conditions are also known to cause pests. Bugs love these conditions, so it is essential for homeowners to prevent these bugs from having a place to live.

Basements that are susceptible to flooding need waterproofing on Staten Island. A flood does more than damage items in the basement (carpets, electronics, couches). Flood water damages walls and foundations, which compromises the safety of the home. Repairing damages caused by a flood could be significantly more expensive than preemptive Staten Island waterproofing.

Staten Island waterproofing basement is an affordable way to protect your home and your wallet. Avoid the devastating problems associated with wet basements with the help of waterproofing contractors.

Basement Walls Staten Island

Call us first for waterproofing basement walls from inside on Staten Island. Our team of basement waterproofs can help you identify your problem. Once we know where water is coming from and why, we can custom tailor solutions to help keep your home and basement dry on Staten Island, NY.


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