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Types of Interior Waterproofing

A wet and musty basement can be annoying to live with because of the regular cleanups, the growth of mold, and the damage to your home’s infrastructure. For those that have been dealing with the problem for a prolonged period, they tend to think there is nothing they can do except live with the problem or move. It is possible to dry out a basement and to prevent flooding and excessive humidity. Different methods of basement waterproofing are used to help keep basements dry.

nderstanding where moisture is coming from or if it's just high humidity is the most important things to consider before determining the best type of waterproofing.

The four most commonly used types of interior basement waterproofing on Staten Island are:
Concrete waterproofing coatings are thick and cement like. After it is dried, it will permanently adhere to masonry walls and concrete. Concrete waterproofing cannot be affixed to painted surfaces.

Silicate-based concrete sealers are commonly referred to as densifiers, which are suitable for walls that are not sealed or painted. Sealers will soak into walls and then chemically react with the ingredients inside brick or concrete. Ultimately, this process forms a hard and waterproof surface. They do not flake when being painted over.

Waterproof paint is used as an acrylic formula, and it is not that different from typical wall paint. This type of waterproofing is used mostly for DIY and is not as strong as the two above methods.

Plastic panels and sheets only work when used in conjunction with interior basement drain systems. Panels and sheets will not prevent water from coming through walls, but they do stop water from ruining basements.

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If you are serious about stopping water from coming into your Staten Island basement, you should give our team of professionals a call. For more information on Staten Island basement leak repair, let us be your first call.

Basement leak repair staten island is best left to professional waterproofers, like us. We can get to the underlying problems and then create a treatment plan that best suits your home and wallet’s needs.


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