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Mistakes to Avoid With Your Sump Pump

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Water in the basement is a problem that many Staten Island homeowners will face. A wet basement can negatively affect your home’s structural integrity and lead to dangerous mold. We provide the best basement waterproofing Staten Island offers. If you have a wet basement, the issues may lie with your sump pump. As one of the leading waterproofing companies Staten Island offers, we can help you with sump pump and wet basement issues you’re facing.

A sump pump is often found in a home’s basement and is designed to remove water. In order to work correctly, a sump pump should be regularly pumped. When maintaining a sump pump, there are several mistakes that homeowners make.

Common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Unplugging the Pump – While the sump pump should never be unplugged, it may happen accidentally.
  2. Check Valve Errors – The check valve creates a barrier that keeps water from flowing backward into the pump. The sump pump’s check valve has a printed arrow on the check value. The arrow indicates the direction of the valve, so make sure the arrow always points away from the sump pump.
  3. A Buildup of Debris – A buildup of debris will cause various problems that can ruin your pump’s motor. Keep debris out of the sump pump by ensuring it’s not built on small gravel, loose silt, or other debris.
  4. A Broken Discharge Pipe – A broken discharge pipe is often overlooked because it occurs underground, making it hard to find. It’s a good idea to check your discharge pipes regularly to ensure they’re not broken.

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