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Tips for Cleaning After a Basement Flood

It is safe to say that water left sitting in your home can cause damage throughout the house. The longer water is left alone to rest, the worse the problem a homeowner can expect. Problems do not only cost money to fix, but they can also lead to health hazards for anyone living in the home. Simply put, do not take standing water in your home or basement lightly. Even if you only feel the dampness in your basement, you should still find the cause and rectify it. Call us today to talk more about basement waterproofing on Staten Island.

Wet homes can lead to many problems that include:

  1. Destroyed furniture and possessions—if the water stops quickly, some personal belongings can be saved
  2. Poor indoor air quality is known to engender respiratory issues like asthma
  3. The growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew
  4. Damp, warm areas are breeding grounds for pests
  5. Damage to floors and walls—typically causing floors and walls to be replaced
  6. Structural home damage that can potentially destroy a home

There are several things a homeowner should do to prepare for a potential flood situation. If you have a chronic water problem in your basement, reach out to us now for basement waterproofing Staten Island. Consistent problems only go away after the waterproofing.

The first thing to do when finding water in your basement is to unplug any electronics that are plugged into a wall. Electronics quickly break when hit with water, so unplugging them and moving them is a great way to ensure they remain safe. Unplugging electronics will also keep people safe from electrified water.

Next, get rid of the water in whatever way you can. Most individuals clean out their closets using all their towels to dry up the water. If this is not enough, consider owning a wet-dry vacuum or a sub pump for quick and effective water removal.

Finally, you should:

Basement Waterproofing Staten Island

A home with a basement can be great for the home’s value and for making it a unique space. If you live in Staten Island, waterproofing basements are the best way to keep your basement dry and your home safe. For emergency flooding problems on Staten Island, you should not hesitate to give us a call.

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Basement Waterproofing Staten Island

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