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Does My Staten Island Home Need Foundation Repair?

Your home's foundation is so important to the structural integrity of your home. Damages to the foundation can lead to many issues, including leaks and flooding. When your home's foundation is damaged, it's not uncommon to find unwanted water in your basement. For this reason, if you notice issues with the foundation, you must call a professional for a thorough inspection as soon as possible. The best waterproofing Staten Island offers can fix any issues with your foundation.

What are some signs that signify issues with your home's foundation?

  • Drywall Cracks - When the foundation starts to shift, cracks in the drywall around the windows, corners, and doors will occur.
  • Cracks in Poured Concrete - Cracks in poured concrete usually occur within thirty days of pouring. It's typically an easy fix but will often require further investigation to ensure there are no additional problems.
  • Cracked Block Foundation - This issue is often due to lateral pressure on the walls.
  • Sinking Foundation - This is a very serious issue and should be addressed immediately. Ignoring a sinking foundation can lead to serious repercussions. A sinking foundation means that it's separating from the structure.
  • Cracks in Bricks - Cracks in bricks may signify movement in your home's foundation.

Your home's foundation is essential. You want to ensure that it's in healthy condition and damage does not occur. Damage to the foundation can lead to various cracks and holes. Often, issues with the foundation will cause unwanted water to enter the home. Leaks and flooding can cause mold growth, so it's an issue you want to be fixed as soon as possible. Call us if you notice any of the above issues in your basement.

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Foundation Cracks Staten IslandThere are many reasons why foundation cracks in Staten Island, so getting to the bottom of the problem is the first step in rectifying the situation.

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