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Signs of Foundation Issues

Basement Waterproofing Staten Island

The structure of your home's foundation is essential for the longevity of your home. Issues with your home's foundation can lead to many problems, such as water in the home. Issues, such as cracks, will cause water to find its way into your home's basement. Whenever you notice problems with your home's foundation, fixing the issue as soon as possible is important. As one of the best waterproofing companies Staten Island offers, we can rectify foundation issues and help keep your basement dry.

What are the top signs of issues with my home's foundation?

Uneven Floors: If the floor's gradient or slope exceeds two inches by fifteen feet, it's time to call in a professional.
Rotten Wood: The beams and piers of many homes are made of wood. If you notice them rotting, it could be due to excess humidity.
Cracks in the Tiles: Floor tiling is closely linked with your home's foundation. So, if you notice issues with your tiles, there are likely issues with the home's foundation.
Popping Nails from Drywall: If nails pop out every so often, it's not a big concern. However, if this issue happens frequently, you may be dealing with a bigger problem.
Cracks on the Interior Wall: Cracks in a zig-zag shape or between the ceiling and the wall are usually cause for concern.
Cracks on the Exterior Wall: This issue is the most common sign of problems with your home's foundation. If you notice cracks or protruding pieces of brick, it's essential to contact a professional.

Issues with your home's foundation should never be ignored as they can often lead to water in your basement. Call us for the best basement waterproofing Staten Island offers if you notice any problems.

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