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What to do with a Leaking Basement on Staten Island?

A little water in your basement never hurt anyone, right? It is unfortunate to say that even a small amount of water in a basement can cause problems for homeowners. If you discover water on your floors, ceilings, or wall, you should first try and dry the area, and then after that, you should reach out for the best basement waterproofing Staten Island has to offer.

Short-term water problems include:

  • Smells/odors
  • Mold
  • Pests/bugs
  • High humidity
  • Wasted water and increased energy bills

Long-term effects include:

  • Structural damage to the home
  • Destroyed furniture
  • Ruined floors and carpeting
  • Reduction in the resale value of the home

The worst flooding issue is damage to the home because it causes a series of other problems that typically cost a lot.

When floodwater seeps into carpeting, you typically must replace the carpeting. You might not have to replace the entire thing, but you will at least replace sections. Flooding damages can ruin furniture and can get into walls and harm insulation. Mold will even grow too conditions that need to be remediated by professionals. You do not want to live inside a home with excessive mold because it can cause a variety of health problems, including allergic reactions, infections, and respiratory problems.

Basement Leak Repair Staten Island

If your flooding is a result of anything other than plumbing issues, you will want to find out where your water problem is coming from. Finding the source of water is the only way to stop the problem and keep your basement dry. Don't hesitate to call professional water proofers to help you identify and fix your problem. Keep your basement dry.

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Basement Leak Repair Staten Island

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