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Common Foundation Issues

Water in your basement is never a fun thing for homeowners to face. However, it’s incredibly common. It’s one of the main issues homeowners face. We are the best basement waterproofing Staten Island has to offer.

Give us a call for all your waterproofing needs. The basement waterproofing cost in Staten Island is nothing compared to what it costs to repair water damage.

The condition of your basement usually starts with the foundation of your home. Below let’s go over the common foundation issues you’re likely to face.

  1. Foundation Settlement - This occurs when the soil is unable to support the building it’s resting upon. When this happens, you’re facing cracked drywall, cracked foundation walls, and tilting chimneys. The best way to fix this problem is with the installation of foundation piers.
  2. Sinking Floors - If you have crawl spaces in your home, you may have to deal with sinking floors above them. Sinking floors affect the entire house with cracks and holes in walls, windows, and more. Steel supports are the best way to add structure to your home.
  3. Bowing Foundation Walls - With time and pressure, foundation walls begin to bow and buckle inward. A bowing foundation leads to cracks and leaks. Your basement walls are likely to crack. This issue may lead to big problems, so address it immediately. A beam system or wall anchor system is the best way to fix the issue.

Basement Waterproofing Cost Staten Island

The only way to truly waterproof your home is to address how the water is entering your home in the first place. You need to reach out for the best waterproof foundation Staten Island has to offer.


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Basement Waterproofing Staten Island

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