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Is Basement Water on Staten Island Dangerous?

How big of a problem is water in your basement? Regardless of the amount of water or the scope of the damage, water is a problem that requires a homeowner’s attention, time, and money. If not a lot of time is spent in the basement, or the amount of water is not excessive, it is easy for a homeowner to neglect their responsibilities of protecting their home. It is easy to rationalize some excess moisture in the basement as an inconvenience and a fact of life. Instead of spending time dreaming about what the perfect basement would look like, you should instead investigate the best waterproofing Staten Island has to offer. Water in a basement doesn’t occur naturally, so it must be coming from somewhere.

Renovating the home or purchasing a new appliance allows individuals to show off what they’ve done. This is less likely the case with basement waterproofing on Staten Island. The amount of time, hassle, and money that waterproofing saves could allow you to make other upgrades to your home soon.

What basements are prone to mold and mildew. First and foremost, both those things are not suitable for human health. It needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. When mold gets bad, it requires professional levels of remediation, which can end up costing quite a bit of money. Mold will continue to come back if water remains in your basement. Even the slightest bit of excess moisture can lead to a small patch of mold that’s slowly spreading.

Pests, rodents, and bugs like damp and dark places, so it is common for homeowners to find them in basements that have excessive water. If you are sick of seeing critters scurrying across your basement floors and don’t want to continue paying for biannual pest control, you should consider hiring the best waterproofing Staten Island has to offer. By drastically reducing the amount of water in your basement, you will simultaneously reduce the presence of bugs and other such critters.

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