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Do I Need a Waterproof Foundation on Staten Island

Unless you spill a cup of water, there should not be water in your basement. A wet basement is not normal, and it should not be tolerated. Those that accept and live with humid and moist basements are just setting themselves up for major repairs in the future. A wet basement destroys furniture, damages foundations, and creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew. For clear answers for your basement, you need to reach out for the best waterproof foundation Staten Island has to offer.

Regardless of why moisture is in your basement, you need to take steps to prevent this problem from continuing quickly.

The three main causes of water in basements include plumbing leaks, subsurface groundwater, and surface water.

Hydrostatic pressure often causes water to come into a basement where the walls meet the floor. After a heavy rain, the ground gets saturated and begins to build up hydrostatic pressure. This pressure pushes against the foundations of a home. The pressure is strong enough to push water through openings and cracks in concrete. After enough time, the pressure can cause walls and floors to crack. If you only notice water near the basement walls' exterior foundation, your problem is probably a result of surface water that has nowhere to drain.

Best Basement Waterproofing Staten Island

There are several steps that building and homeowners can take to prevent water and moisture's continued spread. Because of the damage and unhealth environments water creates, you need to waterproof foundations on Staten Island.

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Do not just ignore foundation cracks you spot on your basement wall. Even the smallest sign of cracking requires professional help. At B Altman's Waterproofing, we fix foundation cracks with a liquid epoxy injection that both seals and repairs.

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Basement Waterproofing Staten IslandThe first line of defense against foundation cracks Staten island is damp proofing, A waterproof coating is applied to foundations to seal out moisture.

If you are looking for the professional contractor for your basement waterproofing cost and foundation crack repair solutions, you are coming to the right place! We are a family owned company at Staten Island since 1992. We always behind our work to make you 100% satisfied.