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Does My Home Need Basement Waterproofing?

How does one know if they should waterproof their basement? There are several steps homeowners can take to evaluate the status of water in their basement. Taking the time to go through the basement will prevent damage to the home. Taking care of problems before they happen will help save you time and money. 

You should first walk through your basement and observe the ceiling, floors, and walls. Do you notice any stains or peeling paint? Some areas of the cellar may feel damp and cold, which can be a bad sign. If you do see water problems, like the ones above, you should call us to evaluate what basement waterproofing you might need.

After checking the basement, you should move to check outside the home—where foundations meet the lawn. Walk the perimeter of your home and carefully observe the ground, where it meets the house. Do you notice wet areas anywhere? Also look for any holes, chips, or cracks within the foundation. Making these assessments will let you know if water from outside is threatening your home. Pooling water around the house may not go immediately into your basement, but that will eventually happen if left untreated.

Do the same perimeter and basement check right after a snow or rain storm. If you notice water problems at these times, you need to reach out for basement waterproofing on Staten Island. Water damage to a basement can hurt the foundation of your home, which can cost a great deal to fix. For the best Staten Island waterproofing, give us a call. We want to help with all your basement waterproofing Staten Island needs. We can help if you are already experiencing water or if you want to prevent water from entering your basement.

Waterproofing Basement Walls from Inside Staten Island

We’re here to help with all your basement waterproofing Staten Island needs. If you have any questions about Staten Island waterproofing, we’d be glad to answer them.

Waterproofing Basement Walls From Inside Staten Island

Call us first for waterproofing basement walls from inside on Staten Island. Our team of basement waterproofs can help you identify your problem. Once we know where water is coming from and why, we can custom tailor solutions to help keep your home and basement dry on Staten Island, NY.

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