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Can Basement Walls be Sealed from the Inside?

Possibility of Interior Basement Wall Sealing

Yes, sealing basement walls from the inside is not only possible but often practical. Particularly in scenarios where exterior waterproofing presents challenges due to landscaping or neighboring properties or budgetary constraints, interior sealing proves to be a beneficial process. The expertise of waterproofing companies in Staten Island can significantly simplify this process.

Sealants and Coatings

Sealing walls from the inside involves using various sealants and coatings. Waterproofing professionals meticulously apply these products to ensure adequate sealing and prevention of moisture intrusion. Notable methods include:

  • Application of concrete sealers: These can be penetrating sealers that enter the pores of the concrete to block water passage or film-forming sealers that create a waterproof barrier on the wall surface.
  • Use of waterproofing paint: Although not as robust as professional sealants, this paint forms a watertight seal on the wall surface when dried, offering a cost-effective way to enhance water resistance.

Use of Elastomeric Membranes and Interior Drainage Systems

Elastomeric membranes, another prevalent method used by waterproofing contractors in Staten Island, are waterproof coatings that can flex without damage, effectively covering gaps and cracks in the wall. Installing interior drainage systems is another effective method. These are installed to manage any water that enters the basement, guiding it away from the foundation and into a sump pump system.

Sealing basement walls from the inside is entirely feasible. The methods used—from concrete sealers and waterproofing paint to elastomeric membranes and interior drainage systems—are chosen based on the property's specific needs. Expertise from professional waterproofing contractors in Staten Island ensures the selection and implementation of the most appropriate solution.

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