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Common Causes of Basement Water during the Winter: Basement Waterproofing Staten Island

Best Basement Waterproofing Staten IslandWater in a basement is never a good sign; unfortunately, this problem can occur throughout the year. Many think the cold weather may stop the threat of water problems, but that is not the case on Staten Island. Cold weather and freezing water cause their kind of trouble, and knowing what havoc they cause often helps reduce potential damage with water. If you notice dampness and a musty smell in your basement, you should reach out for the best basement waterproofing Staten Island offers.

What Causes Water in Staten Island Basements during the Winter?

  1.  The Effect of Heat on Snow: Your home, including the basement, is warm during winter. This warmth doesn't stay confined; it radiates outward. Imagine the basement like a radiator, gently heating the area outside its walls. In winter, this area often has snow. The heat from the basement melts this snow, turning it into water. Where does this water go? It naturally seeps down, and if there are any small openings or cracks in your basement walls or foundation, this water can get in, leading to a wet or even flooded basement.
  2. The Challenge with Sump Pumps: A sump pump is like a guard, constantly working to keep your basement dry by pumping out water that gathers there. But in winter, this guard can face challenges. The pipes can freeze, stopping the water from being pumped out. Power outages, common during winter storms, can prevent the sump pump from working altogether. It might not work effectively if the pump is installed correctly and maintained. When the sump pump can't work, water from melted snow or other sources can accumulate in the basement.

Keeping an eye on your basement's condition during winter is essential to prevent these issues. Regular checks for cracks or gaps in the foundation, ensuring your sump pump is functioning correctly, and managing snow accumulation near your house can significantly reduce the risk of winter basement flooding.

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