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What Causes Foundation Cracks on Staten Island, NY

Do not just ignore foundation cracks you spot on your basement wall. Even the smallest sign of cracking requires professional help. There are many reasons why foundation cracks in Staten Island, so getting to the bottom of the problem is the first step in rectifying the situation.


Leaks are the most common cause of basement wall cracks. If you notice wet spots around cracks, you need to act as soon as you can. With time, water damage causes significant issues to the structural integrity of a home. When the problem gets worse, black mold begins to grow. Black mold is bad for human health, and when left to grow, it becomes hard to remediate. The best basement waterproofing Staten Island has can fix your cracks and fix your leaks.


After a home is built, it takes time for it to settle. This is the most likely cause for why you will find a wall crack. When you hear odd sounds coming from your home, it is a sign of your house settling. It is completely natural for this to happen. Cracks that are caused by settling are typically seen above windows or around doors. These issues should be fixed, but they typically are not a foundation issue.


Homeowners adjust their heat and cooling to meet the temperature outside. When a house is left unoccupied, and heat and cooling are turned off, you can notice Staten Island's foundation. Materials shrink in the heat and expand while cold. This causes cracks to develop in a home.

Foundation Cracks Staten Island

If you notice foundation cracks Staten Island, you should not hesitate to give our team a call.


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